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K’sariya Yeboah


Name: K’sariya Yeboah
Age: 27 years
Gender: Female
Personality: K’sariya is a generally anti-social creature, forged to be hardy in the fires of adversity. Small heart has little room for anything but Pokemon. With people, she is generally short and curt, though only becomes rude if provoked or stared at. She confronts those who stare for too long at the scars on her features or form. She scorns pity and is independent in the face of it. K’sariya proves to be a sore loser, also, and will brew in her own anger should she be slighted–a ticking pipe bomb simply waiting to burst at any small provocation. Only the presence of Pokemon (hers or otherwise) soothes her and gives her patience.

Description: A tall, dark-skinned girl built for a potent mix of strength and stamina. Average size with below-average curves in a generally compact figure. A voluminous mane of frizzy, curly hair seems to burst from her skull and down toward her back, resting at her shoulders and adorned in a coat of dark amber and earthen brown. Green eyes stare from dark, generally-clear complexion, though she breaks out at times from the sweat upon her brow and has a small, dark beauty mark at the corner of her left eye. Stretch marks quiver gentle marks across the planes of her inner thighs and a beige birthmark nestles itself into the crook between her right thumb and index finger. Three jagged, salmon-pink scars slash down the entire right side of her features, cracking down across the right of her forehead, breaking at her brow to streak down her right cheekbone. When her right eyelid is closed, the three marks show ever-so-slightly upon its surface–an injury that narrowly missed her eye. They cross the right side of her lips at the corner, crooking her smirk on that side. Another set of three slash marks begins at the left side of her cheekbone, directly beneath the left eye, and crack down the planes of her left cheek to end at her jawline.




Name: Finch
Age: 19
Gender: Nonbinary
Personality: An individual who feels most at home in the sky. Their low visual field tore the wings from their dream of being a pilot, so they took the sky on the backs of Pokemon instead. Limited vision makes them a bit jumpy, while ease in the sky makes them claustrophobic when in tight spaces, and antsy when tied for too long to the ground. They have a large blind spot that swallows the sides of a normal sight range, so it startles the hell out of them when approached silently from those sides, but their better-than-average hearing compensates for their eyesight enough to where that doesn’t happen often. They have a marvelous affinity for beasts of all kinds that take to the sky, and though they’re more clumsy with other types (and a bit inherently nervous around Ice and Electric types), they’re kind nonetheless. Finch has been described as a laid-back, perfect mixture of reserved but affable and socially comfortable enough to be pleasing to be around for most people. They come alive when they’re on the back of a companion, flying.

Description: Sun-kissed skin graces an androgynous form. 5’9, a bit lanky, fit, and perhaps a bit on the light-weight side. Black hair is near-shaved on the sides, while upper portions flow forward into longer locks that are permanently windswept up and back from flying. Beneath this crown rests leather-strapped aviator’s goggles, black with perfectly round lenses, that he keeps pushed up when not in use. A light strip of a tan-line races around olive eyes, where the goggles usually rest while flying. Insulated black jacket and dark gray, taslon nylon pants guard them from inclement flight conditions. Slim but sturdy black boots do the same. Garments prove a bit thicker, and pad their slim figure; in warmer temperatures, they wear thinner versions of similar scheme. Generally dresses in neutral colors, though they have a rare white jumpsuit that they wear for special flying occasions.

An earpiece is secured behind their ear. From it bursts a black-and-yellow Talonflame tailfeather, and below that, the brilliant blue and yellow of two feathers dropped from a Mega Pidgeot. They sometimes wear a threaded bracelet with dangling feathers from smaller Pokemon birds about their wrist.



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